Sep. 22nd, 2012

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So I ordered my first non-DOD doll which was also my first Tiny from Angelheim back in March. It was part of this special deal with some nice cool eyes and a discount price. And the doll was damn cool! So I totally gave in and got him on layaway. And things were going fine...until the company suddenly stopped replying to people and stopped saying anything at all. For 2 months. Then they came back for a bit, saying they had changed owners and things were a bit chaotic but they'd get the ball rolling soon again and we were all relieved. ...only for them to then AGAIN disappear for another 2 months and no sign of any orders being sent out.

After a lot of strife and anxious waiting...we finally find out that the company went under but another company, D-Storic, would be picking up their line and continuing with those orders who didn't want to cancel. I decided not to cancel it as I still really wanted the doll. And actually glad I decided that because while it was a REALLY long wait in the end...turns out they are no longer offering the doll in the skin color I got him in and they don't seem to have the outfit listed either. Sooooo I guess my doll is actually a limited now. REALLY limited 'cause there were, at most, 8 of them ordered. Possibly less since there were 10 AngelHeim orders posted on D-Storic's site that were sent out (they post them publically) but I know at least 2 of those were not Jins. No idea on the rest. And no idea how many of the Jins were grey and how many in the other skin colors. SO THERE MAY BE LESS THAN 8 OF THESE IN THE WORLD. Not only that but I'm the ONLY one in the USA who ordered a Jin at all. So I'm currently the ONLY American with a Jin. ...kinda cool. XD

In the end, it took 6 months and 2 weeks for me to get this doll. I've never been this anxious about an order coming in like I was with this one, due to the long wait. So I had been watching tracking like a hawk and we happened to be having a yard sale today so I was already on my driveway, waiting for sign of the mail person. And as soon as I saw them come down the street, I ran down my driveway to greet them. XD The lady laughed pretty hard at this, being all "guess you were expecting this huh?" as she handed the box over. But anyways...

So...pretty boring box. Was kinda dismayed to see the D-Storic logo instead of AngelHeim just 'cause it reminds me that AngelHeim really doesn't exist anymore.

Box Opening! )


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