Jan. 21st, 2016

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Sooooo its been three years since I last did a photostory...O_O;; Oops? And four years since I last did one involving the actual story. Though to be honest, I was going to just stop doing these and write up the story stuff instead but then came to the conclusion I'm going to still do SOME but not really as much and they'll mostly be more on the silly side and then just write up the big story bits for those still interested. Cause the "Fallen Arcadia" story actually has a whole big plotline with an ending and stuff. I just haven't figured out a lot of the details here and there. Plus I still need one more doll that's an important character for it I keep not buying cause she's a lot of money. XD But maybe I'll just force myself to save and buy her this year.

Anywho! This photostory has absolute HORRID lighting cause my lamp broke and I didn't realize it so I tried to do this with limited light and so a lot of photos came out blurry. x_x I should have just waited since its now fixed but I didn't want to redo this. So...its definitely not as good as my usual stuff but hope its still entertaining?


Note: I've skipped around time some here due to taking so long since the last story so keep in mind Dietrich has been hanging around in Hell for a while now and has been allowed to explore beyond just Lucian's room though he's still limited in where he can go. Things are going on elsewhere, which I will eventually get into...

Dietrich: *coming back to Lucian's room* Man, this place is starting to get boring again. Only so much I can do here, even with being allowed to wander but all the interesting places seem to have a seal on them...hmm...wonder if I could get around that somehow...

Dietrich is so lost in thought, he doesn't realize at first that the room he shares with Lucian is currently a complete mess...

Die is about to meet his match... )


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