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Yup, I finally own a doll from Luts. XD

Box with stuff. Mmm that smell of fresh resin (which oddly enough Jasper didn't have AT ALL O_o) though nowhere as strong as DOD's. Kinda uneventful box opening though. lol Since all I ordered was the doll. Got a free face-up and free event head from the summer event. But Corey is buying the head from me so I didn't even bother to unwrap it 'cause I'd rather leave it nicely wrapped to send to her. I did like the little booklet that came with him though. It has lots of useful info in it, like how to restring the doll and all his measurements, etc.

And out of the bubble wrap! (which was nowhere as much as DOD does lol) And once again...blue eyes. XD But they are very pretty so I think I'll keep them around. Just not sure if I'll use them or not. Maybe for doll cosplay. XD But was impressed that they were glass at least.

But I like him with brown eyes better. These were originally gotten for Gabriel until I decided I liked the green he came with better. lol So figured I'd try these for Uriel instead.

Here's the DollHeart wig I got for him...ages ago. lol Though I'm not sure what to think of it. It looked better on the DollHeart site. It's just got a much bigger...poof there in the back than I thought it would. And well this is me putting it on how I thought it'd go with the part.

But then I studied the photo on the DollHeart box and its meant to be more like this. With it much further back on the head. Which does look a little better but its like really far back on his head and the bangs are a bit too odd so not sure I like this look either.

So I'm kinda settling for something in between. With the bangs parted but the wig in between the two positions.

The goggles help a lot though. I think he'll pretty much always have them on. XD

With the various clothing I've collected for him. ...everything is too big for him though! XD I had to roll the sleeves of the Tata's jacket up and they're still too big. lol The pants I expected to be big (from DollHeart actually) but that's fine and they work good with the boots. And I had a feeling he'd like that shirt, which is why I kept it even though I was originally "GAH!" at it when I took it out of the fuku bag last year. lol

Height comparison! XD With his two brothers that he'll be interacting with the most. He's so short, I love it! Though lol his hair makes him look taller than he actually is. XDXD

Another height comparison shot with him closer to Raph so you can really see how much shorter he is.

And because I felt like being mean...here he is next to Lucifer in his monster boots. XD Because Lucifer has to tower over everyone.

And now have a bunch of solo photos...

He's not nearly as grumpy as I thought he'd be. lol Except for Lucifer and Lucian, none of my dolls have turned out quite what I thought they'd be. XD It figures that the ONE doll that I've INTENDED to look grumpy/pissy is the only one that doesn't. *facepalm*

Showing off the little earring thingy. Its a clip-on sorta thing. Debating if I should get his ear actually pierced or not.

This is the other shirt I got him, also from Tata's

Don't let this pose fool you. He's not double jointed. This pose is only possible because he's balanced up against the backdrop. XDXD Though glad I was able to get him to do it at all.

And this is the reason I got this shirt. XD Also here shows off the back of the wig with the rest of the braids.

I even tried to push his eyes upwards to give that angry/punk look a lot of people do with Luts dolls on DOA. ...it didn't do much though. XD He does look a little more grumpy irl than in these photos at least.

Sadly I really have no time to play with him as I'm behind on commissions so noooo idea when I'll have time to do a photostory. As it is, I spent far too much time doing these photos. *sighs*

Date: 2012-10-11 11:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_jessen_/
eeeee goodness how beautiful! *_* Fluffy hair is fluffy, but yes, it does look fabulous with the goggles. And such pretty eyes! *_*

Date: 2012-10-16 01:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fallen-arcadia.livejournal.com
Aw thank you~ ^.^ Its exciting to finally have a Luts doll! And yes, I'm quite fond of the eyes.


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