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Dietrich continued on past the tea party...

Chapter 4 - The Red King

Dietrich: Hey, ever noticed how every single chapter starts with me walking somewhere?
Uh...I didn't notice...
Dietrich: Can't you think of any better way to start?
...not really...

Dietrich: And now I see we're back to this headache inducing background.
If you don't like it, how about YOU write this story then? >>
Dietrich: Fine fine, continue then...

Ahem. Dietrich continued on until he heard what sounded like sobbing. He followed the noise and saw a familiar figure...

Dietrich: Its the rabbit! Finally!

But the rabbit seemed quite distraught...
White Rabbit: Oh no, what ever shall I do?

Dietrich: Hey, what's wrong?

White Rabbit: *sniffles* I lost my watch. I feel so lost without it! I don't even know how late I am anymore.

Dietrich: You mean this watch? Though I don't really understand why you need it so bad. You already said you were late earlier so how does it make a difference?

White Rabbit: *jumps up in excitement* My watch! You found it!
Dietrich: Yeah, just take the damn thing already. Its caused me enough trouble.

White Rabbit: Thank you!
Dietrich: You have no idea what I had to go through to get it to you. x_x You owe me, rabbit.

White Rabbit: Now lets see what time is it? *opens watch*
Dietrich: Hey, are you even listening to me?

White Rabbit: Oh dear!! I'm so very very late! This is not good, not good at all!

White Rabbit: *grabs Die's hand* We must hurry!
Dietrich: Ehh? Why me too?
White Rabbit: *drags Die along with an iron grip*

Dietrich: Woah, wait, where are we even going?

White Rabbit: To the Red Palace, of course.
Dietrich: ...the what now?

Shortly after the two reached the Red Palace, the domain of the Red Party.

Dietrich: They certainly like red here... And wait, didn't the March Hare say the Red Party was bad? Then what are we doing here...
White Rabbit: Shhh!
Dietrich: Huh?

Dietrich: ...oh.

The Red King, current dictator of Wonderland.

Dietrich: ...hey wait, isn't that that Cheshire cat? Hatter was right then...

White Rabbit: *bows* Your Majesty, I-I'm sorry I'm late...

Red King: You are indeed very very late, rabbit. Again. I grow weary of your constant tardiness. I suppose the White King tolerated such poor behavior. But I do not.

White Rabbit: P-please forgive me, Your Majesty!

Dietrich: Hey, go easy on her. It wasn't really her fault. She lost her watch and didn't know what time it was.

Red King: Oh? And who is this ill-mannered creature who doesn't even know to bow before me?

Dietrich: Name's Alice...er I mean Dietrich! And I see no reason to bow to you just because you sit on a throne and call yourself "king". From my understanding, you're just a tyrant that overthrew the previous ruler.
White Rabbit: *whispers* Um...bad idea...

Cheshire Cat: This is the boy I spoke to you about earlier, Your Majesty.
Red King: Oh? He is indeed quite interesting, isn't he?

Red King: But rules are rules and they both have broken them. Tell me, Cheshire, how shall we punish such crimes?

Cheshire Cat: Can I eat the rabbit? *grins*
White Rabbit: Eek!

Dietrich: Hey! Leave her alone!
Cheshire Cat: *shrugs* That's alright...

Cheshire Cat: ...I'd much rather eat you anyways.

Dietrich: Ugh, not this again!
Cheshire Cat: *smirks*
White Rabbit: Uhh...I feel like I'm missing something here.

Red King: Enough already. I tire of this.

Red King: Off with their heads!

Dietrich: WOAH WHAT?! Don't you think that's a bit drastic?!

Cheshire Cat: It's been a slow week and he's been bored.
Red guards dressed in cloaks that looked oddly similar to red playing cards began to storm into the throne room...
Cheshire Cat: I suggest you run now.

White Rabbit: Can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with the cat.
Dietrich: Yeah, lets get the hell out of here! *grabs the rabbit and runs*

To be continued...

And this is the outfit some of you may remember hearing me bitch about...

Its a gorgeous outfit! It really is and photos do it no justice. The cape is huuuuge. But its a bitch to get on and I almost cried trying to do so the first time. T_T I have to take Lucifer's hands off to get the sleeves on. I also tore the lace on the pants trying to get them on. They don't fit. XD So I may sell them. Or I dunno I may consider selling this outfit later on if it causes me too much grief. Its so pretty though...

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