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Lyn: Hey Die! There's going to be a new movie about the Snow Queen this year.
Dietrich: ...oh?
Lyn: Want to look at the designs?
Dietrich: >_> Hmm...

Dietrich: I demand you show me this so I may judge it harshly!
Lyn: Ok then...^^;; Here we go...

Dietrich: Who the hell is that?!
Lyn: Well-
Dietrich: Don't care! He's ugly! Moving on!

Dietrich: *snorts* Nice sideburns there.
Lyn: He's got a nice coat though.
Dietrich: Only you would care about that...

Dietrich: *yawn* Boooooring!

Dietrich: ...seriously?!

Dietrich: Ugh, these are pissing me off already. Isn't there at least one decent character in this...

Dietrich: Oh. Hello~
Lyn: ...>_>;

Dietrich: What the fuck is this?!

Dietrich: What the fuck is that?!

Dietrich: Well she's kinda cute, I guess.
Lyn: Hmm...
Dietrich: Um hello?

Lyn: I wonder how hard it'd be to make that embroidery in doll size...
Dietrich: ...seriously?
Lyn: Oh come on, you gotta admit Layla would look adorable in that!
Dietrich: I suppose you have a point.

Dietrich: But back to the point here! Me! This movie is about the Snow Queen after all, isn't it?
Lyn: Right right! Saved that for last. You ready?

Dietrich: ...

Dietrich: WHAT THE HELL?!

Dietrich: How is that the Snow Queen?! That doesn't look remotely like me or Nephelina!
Lyn: Well its not really supposed to be you. Its a different interpretation...

Lyn: Hey she's got a pretty cool outfit at least!
Dietrich: Whatever. Just get it off the screen.

Dietrich: I'm done! *walks off angrily*
Lyn: Ah well. *closes laptop*

Sometime later...

Dietrich: *sneaks over to the laptop* ... *looks around* Good, no one's here.

Dietrich: ...That is a nice outfit though...


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