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And so, all our characters gathered that day to watch the chess match of the Red King vs the White King...

Chapter 6 - The Chess Match

White King: It has been a long time, brother.
Red King: Indeed it has.

Dietrich: Tell me again why we're here? Thought these two hated each other.
White Rabbit: They've uh...got a complicated history.

Red King: In all this time, you haven't even come to visit me once. Why is that?

Mad Hatter: *mutters* Says the one that kicked us out of our own kingdom...
White King: *ignoring the Hatter* I have merely been busy and you haven't invited me in until now.

March Hare: *sips tea slowly* Well this is...awkward.
Dormouse: ... *starts to nod off*

Dormouse: ...zzzz...
March Hare: Hey! *nudge*

Dormouse: Huh...wha?
March Hare: Stay awake! We're supposed to be watching and you don't want either one getting mad if they catch you sleeping.
Dormouse: *yawns* But this is so boring!

White King: So what is the real reason you asked me to come here today? I highly doubt you just wanted to play a game with me.

Mad Hatter: A challenge?! How dare you! We should be the ones challenging you, you usurper!

White King: Its alright, Hatter.
Mad Hatter: But your majesty...

White King: I accept your challenge.

Red King: Good. Then I ask that the troublesome Alice, who has been in your care, be the challenger.
Dietrich: What?! Me?!

Dietrich: Hey look, I didn't do anything wrong here! I'm just trying to find a way back home. Its not my fault Mr. Red here has a short temper.

White Rabbit: Um, I would just take the challenge, if I were you. You don't want to make it worse than it already is. And besides, you are the one that did piss him off.
Dietrich: What? Hey, aren't you supposed to be on my side here?
White Rabbit: I'm just saying...

Dietrich: Ok fine! So what exactly is this challenge anyways?
Cheshire Cat: A fight to the death, of course.
Dietrich: ...wait what?

March Hare & Dormouse: Fight! Fight!

White King: Hmm, I agree that this would certainly make things more interesting right now.

Red King: Bring on the Jaberwocky!

Dietrich: The jabba-what-now?
White Rabbit: The Jaberwocky. A fearsome and terrible dragon! Oh you are so dead now, dude.
Dietrich: ...thanks a lot. x_x

Dietrich: Hold on just a second here! A dragon? Really? Don't I at least get something to defend myself with?
Red King: Fine. Your King may supply you with a weapon of his choosing.

White King: Behold, the Vorpal Blade!

Dietrich: ...um. I was kinda hoping for something bigger? Oh well, guess its better than nothing.

Dietrich: Alright, Jabba-whatever, bring it on!

Out from the dark depths of Wonderland, stepped the ferocious dragon of nightmares...

The Jaberwocky!

Dietrich: ...
Jaberwocky: *growl*
Dietrich: ...seriously? This tiny thing is the feared Jaberthingy?

Jaberwocky: Hmph! Don't underestimate me, human scum!
Dietrich: Um...right.

Jaberwocky: Come at me, bro!

Dietrich: *laughs* Oh please, what are you going to do me?

Jaberwocky: *grabs Dietrich's leg*

Dietrich: Ah! What the hell, get off!
Jaberwocky: *bite!*

Dietrich: Ow! *kick*
Jaberwocky: Ack!

Jaberwocky: *sniffle* You...you kicked me! Poor little me! How cruel!

Red King: How cruel indeed! Picking on someone so small like that!
Dietrich: Oh come on! You're the one that told me to fight him!

Red King: Injustice! Off with his head!

White King: I agree. Such foul play! Off with his head!

Dietrich: Wait! Not you too?!
Mad Hatter: *shrugs* Well they are brothers after all.

Dietrich: What the hell! You're both crazy!

Dietrich: I am so done with all of you! *runs*

Shortly after...

Dietrich: *stops running, out of breathe* ...ha....ok...think I finally lost them...

Dietrich: What the hell is wrong with this place though? Seriously! I am so beyond done with all of this.

Cheshire: *POOF* Are you sure about that~?

Dietrich: *jumps back* Gah! You again?!

Dietrich: Look, can you please just leave me alone?!

Cheshire Cat: Don't worry, I won't let anyone know where you are.
Dietrich: You...won't?
Cheshire Cat: *inching closer* Of course not.

Dietrich: Um...

Cheshire Cat: *pounce!*
Dietrich: AHHHH-

Dietrich: -HHHH...?

Dietrich: Oh thank god it was just a dream!

Lucian: What was all that about? Hard to get anything done with you yelling in your sleep like that. Something about rabbits and tea?

Dietrich: *stare* ...
Lucian: ...?
Dietrich: *leans over*
Lucian: What are you doing?

Dietrich: *sighs in relief* Oh good, no cat ears.
Lucian: ...what?

The End.

And that took me waaaaay too long to get this up. XD Took the photos back in October, lol. Also, I have no idea how to play chess (and I'm missing a pawn from my set, which makes me sad) so please ignore if my set-up is wrong. XD I just placed the pieces randomly as it went (though you can't even see them in the photos, thank god haha).
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