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Sooooo its been three years since I last did a photostory...O_O;; Oops? And four years since I last did one involving the actual story. Though to be honest, I was going to just stop doing these and write up the story stuff instead but then came to the conclusion I'm going to still do SOME but not really as much and they'll mostly be more on the silly side and then just write up the big story bits for those still interested. Cause the "Fallen Arcadia" story actually has a whole big plotline with an ending and stuff. I just haven't figured out a lot of the details here and there. Plus I still need one more doll that's an important character for it I keep not buying cause she's a lot of money. XD But maybe I'll just force myself to save and buy her this year.

Anywho! This photostory has absolute HORRID lighting cause my lamp broke and I didn't realize it so I tried to do this with limited light and so a lot of photos came out blurry. x_x I should have just waited since its now fixed but I didn't want to redo this. So...its definitely not as good as my usual stuff but hope its still entertaining?


Note: I've skipped around time some here due to taking so long since the last story so keep in mind Dietrich has been hanging around in Hell for a while now and has been allowed to explore beyond just Lucian's room though he's still limited in where he can go. Things are going on elsewhere, which I will eventually get into...

Dietrich: *coming back to Lucian's room* Man, this place is starting to get boring again. Only so much I can do here, even with being allowed to wander but all the interesting places seem to have a seal on them...hmm...wonder if I could get around that somehow...

Dietrich is so lost in thought, he doesn't realize at first that the room he shares with Lucian is currently a complete mess...

Dietrich: What the...??!! O_O

Dietrich: Hey! Who the hell are you and what have you done with my room?! //How is it that I can barely move around yet all these freaks keep getting in here?!//

Dietrich: Hey are you lis-
??: *turns around* Yes? Did you want something?
Dietrich: ...O_O Um... Wait...oi those are my clothes!

??: *shrugs* And your point is? They clearly look better on me, don't you think?
Dietrich: *fumes* No they don't!

Dietrich: Now take that off right now! That's not even how its supposed to be worn.
??: Fine, fine. *takes off hat*
Dietrich: *sighs* Good, now would you mind telling me-

Dietrich: *turns away quickly, flustered* Woah! Warn me first before you do that!
??: *obviously not bothered at all, continues to strip*
Dietrich: Uhh...are you done yet?
??: *giggles* Yes yes, I'm perfectly decent now.

Dietrich: Good...*turns* I...Hey! That's also mine!

??: Really? You do realize you don't have the right chest for this top right?

Dietrich: *blushes* Heeeeey that's just mean. I'll have you know in my previous life I was quite well endowed...or at least I think I was. Memory's kinda fuzzy there. But that's besides the point! Take it off!
??: Okay...*rustles through clothing*

??: Oh my...why do you even own this? *giggles* I'll admit its rather cute though.

Dietrich: Oh my god how did you even find that one? O_O That...er...um...you see...

Lucian: *walks into the room* Hmm...well isn't this interesting.
Dietrich: Lucian!! Where the hell have you been?!
??: Hii Lucian~

Dietrich: And who the fuck is she?
Lucian: Oh, I haven't seen that outfit in a while. I do miss it. You should wear it again.
Dietrich: Oi!! >_<

Lucian: Viola, I don't know what you're doing here, but if you could please stop teasing him? I'll never hear the end of it if you don't.

Viola: *pouts* Oh fine. *clicks her fingers*

Viola: There. Happy now?

Dietrich: Woah...I want a power like that...>_>;;
Lucian: As dramatic as ever, I see.

Viola: Allow me to properly introduce myself. *bows* I am Viola, humble servant of Hell.

Dietrich: Humble? Suuuure. So, you're a demon huh? Great. First the dragon brat and now this.
Viola: Oh right, Jasper was the one that told me about you. I couldn't resist the curiosity to see this soul our dear Mephisto has been letting wander around. Its quite unusual for him.
Dietrich: ...is it?

Viola: *winks at Lucian* My Mistress says "hi" by the way.
Lucian: ...ugh.
Dietrich: Mistress...?

Lucian: *sighs* Look, its been a long day so if you'll excuse me...*takes off his hood*

Dietrich: *gasps* !!
Lucian: Hm?

Dietrich: Your...your hair!
Lucian: What about it?
Dietrich: Its short!

Lucian: Oh, that. Yes well it was getting in the way. Doe it bother you?

Dietrich: Well...not particularly. It just surprised me. I haven't seen you in a while. You've been gone more often lately and suddenly you come back looking different. Your eyes look darker too...

Lucian: And? What about you?
Dietrich: Eh?
Lucian: *reaches for Die's hat*

Lucian: I thought you said you found Nephelina's hair to be too long and obnoxious yet now it looks like you've decided to let it out. Your eyes haven't reverted to your human color either even though she's clearly not possessing you right now.

Dietrich: Oh...um. I guess I just figured it'd be easier to accept it, you know? I've just had a lot of time to think when you've been away. No big deal. She is me after all.

Lucian: *smiles softly* Good to hear. I like it.

Dietrich: *smirks* I like yours too. Though the eyes will take time to get used to.
Viola: *coughs* Ahem...

Dietrich: Oh right, forgot she was here...x_x
Lucian: *sighs* Viola, why are you still here?
Viola: 'Cause its amusing~

Lucian: Anyway, like I said, its been a long eventful day. I need to go make my report to Lord Lucifer. Please have this mess cleaned up when I get back. I'd like for the rest of the day to be uneventful please. *leaves*

Dietrich: *sighs* I really wish he would tell me more about why he's gone for so long...
Viola: ...you really don't know do you?

Dietrich: Huh?
Viola: While you've been playing "pretty princess kept in the tower" here, there's a lot going on with the outside world. Do you honestly think he just cut his hair because he felt like it? Lucian never cares about such things. It must have happened during a fight.

Dietrich: *frowns* A fight? But why would-
Viola: Oops! Said too much! Bye!
Dietrich: Wait-

Dietrich: ...dammit all.

Dietrich: This place has been getting too crowded around here lately. But something is definitely up and I'm going to find out what.


So like I said, skipping ahead a little bit here. I originally wasn't going to start up the battle stuff until much further in the story but then decided I'm tired of that and just want to head into the actual main story I've been planning for years. lol Though chances are I won't be putting up anything more any time soon and the next bits will probably be more flashbacks first to get that part of the story out first so everything makes more sense. Or something. I'm not completely sure what I'm doing now to be honest.


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