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Much time has passed since the third Archangel, Raphael, was born.

The older twins raised their younger brother to be their equal and now Raphael shines just as brightly. While their creator still has spoken little to them, he has given them small bits of knowledge and occasional gifts, such as the elegant garments that have now replaced their simple robes.

The Fourth Archangel )


Apr. 25th, 2012 09:23 pm
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As of today, I've had Lucian 5 years now. So in celebration, here's another photostory (been a while hasn't it? lol Just been so busy lately...)

Dietrich: You know...despite all this time I've spent with Lucian, I really don't know much about him. Its kinda frustrating...

Die wonders about his mysterious demon )
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Friday the dolls and I had a little outing during the nice weather we had. And by outing I mean...my backyard. XD

Under the Magnolia Tree )


Jan. 28th, 2012 12:17 am
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Its Dietrich's 6th birthday~! And in honor of it, I'm finally doing this part of the story I've had planned for years. Be warned though, its by far my longest photostory ever (at a total of 53 photos).

Dietrich: ...I can't stop thinking about that place I saw in the mirror.

Awakening )
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So the dangers of having a doll store nearby that sells DollHeart items is that I end up buying more than I normally would. Usually every year I do 1-2 DollHeart lucky bags. Usually only 1 and sometimes I don't get any at all (like last year 'cause I was poor). This year. I got 4. T_T;; And then some...

So much DollHeart! XD

Lots of DollHeart )
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Heaven was once guarded by the two twin angels, Lucifer and Michael...

For many years, the two ruled Eden together with no knowledge of what lay beyond the white gates.

The Third Archangel )

Sex Appeal

Nov. 27th, 2011 08:13 pm
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Its funny when you're trying to do a shoot and then things turn out very differently than what you were planning...XD

This one started out with me going outside with the intent of taking some nice, sexy "model" ish shots of my DOTs to show off some of the new DollHeart clothing I got. Frustrated with not finding a good spot and having light issues, I went inside and was just going to give up but decided to try some posing experiments out for later stuff I have planned and somehow one thing led to another and these photos happened...

...>>;; And none of the DH clothing actually got noted as Raph ended up not even wearing his new vest and Luci has his partially undone the whole time. Pfffft.

Warning for suggestive posing but no actual nudity or anything. Just my dolls being a little...out of character. XD

But damn do they look good! )
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Didn't have time to make any outfits for my dolls this Halloween so instead decided they should cosplay as...each other. XD

Also keep in mind this is not meant to make any sense. Considering right now Die can't leave Hell and Gab can't leave Heaven and that Layla and Die have never met Gab. So this was just for fun. XD

So who got to be who? )


Oct. 24th, 2011 09:39 pm
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Raphael: *returning to his quarters* Finally done with all the meetings for today. Was a long and tedious day...

Time to Relax? Unlikely... )
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Made a visit to Fabric Friends today (the local doll store I've told some of you about, its amazing!) and Mom bought the DollHeart outfit she had been eyeing for a while. This time we actually took Layla with us (and Gabriel XD) so we could try it on her and make sure it would fit and all. The lady there is so super nice! She let me try just about anything on the dolls I wanted to. Was hoping to get Gab a new wig but sadly there weren't any brown ones. There was a red one that tempted me but not sure if I want that color for him. But at least i know its there if I end up not getting any good ones (already bought one off of DOA so we shall see how that goes).

But anyways! This outfit is soooo freaking cute! Its the Angel Peony and I still can't get over the fact it came with a little petticoat and underwear and everything. XD I'm so used to boy outfits that seeing all these little girl outfit pieces really fascinated me. lmao I was going to wait and do some actual nice photos for this but I really won't have the time during the day for a while so here's some crappy night shots. XD Eventually I'll take some better ones as this outfit is too amazing not to show off.

Behold the cuteness that is the blue dress! XD

More cuteness ahead )


Oct. 15th, 2011 01:45 pm
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Lookie what I have. XD I don't normally really do box openings (though I sorta did one for Lucian) but I was requested on DOA to do one since I'm the first person (at least on DOA) to own this doll. So here goes...

Gabriel Arrives! )
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XD I have a few more prompt videos up too now so check them out if you want. Did the prompt before this one featuring Lucian, all about the few rather creepy incidents I've had with that doll. lol


Sep. 29th, 2011 08:52 pm
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Dietrich: Ok, so Hell isn't as gloom and scary as people make it out to be. Its pretty grand and luxurious and all that jazz...

But... )
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I finally decided to fill some of the video prompts over at the BJDAddicts YouTube channel. If you don't know what that is, its a youtube channel where people post up little prompts related to BJDs and you do video responses to them. I've known of it since its creation but never had a good enough webcam to do it with. I tried back with my previous laptop and the video didn't turn out very good. So decided to finally do it with this one.

And I'm a dork and terrible at videos but if you wanted to see them, I did five videos to cover the first 8 prompts (though prompt 3 and 7 were missing so I didn't do those), its over here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE955B85021B02118

If that link doesn't work, then you can just find them at my youtube account here: http://www.youtube.com/user/LynHargreaves#p/u

And yes, there WILL be more story at some point. I've been trying to find time to do it and trying to come up with ideas for what to do next. 'Cause sadly I had a GREAT idea but turned out I was unable to get the doll the idea was associated with so now I gotta rethink that part. x_x; And the other parts I can't do yet 'cause I don't have the right characters or the right props or outfits, etc. So that's the reason why there's been such a delay. But I am gradually working at a new idea. Just gotta find time to do it.
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In the beginning, two twin angels were born...

The Twins )
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Today I was starring out the window and had the thought "its a nice day...I really should take this chance to finally get that group photo I've wanted to do...but I still haven't made kimonos for Raphael and Layla..." Soooo guess what I spent today doing? ^^;; When I probably should have been using that time working on cosplay. Pffft.

More Photos )
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Evening at Arcadia...

Layla: So everything went well today at court. No thanks to you, of course.
Dietrich: ^^;; I tried...

Final Arcadia Chapter )
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Saw this on DA and decided to do it, image under cut as the thing is a bit big. I decided to only include my actual dolls so thus why Layla isn't in it.

Doll Comparisons )

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