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This LJ is for the dolls belonging to rose_of_pain.

Name: Prince Dietrich von Arcadia
Name Meaning: Dietrich - German, originating from old low german, meaning "king of nations"; "power of the tribe"; "first of the people", etc.
Doll Type: Dream of Doll DOC U FullSet
Arrival Date: January 27, 2006
Age: 17
Sign: Aquarius
Hair: long silver
Eyes: blue
Likes: black, blue, silver, white, snow, ice, expensive clothing, being in control
Dislikes: annoying people, not getting his way

Background: Dietrich is the eldest child of the royal family of Arcadia. However, unlike anyone else in his family, he has an unusually high tolerance to the cold, far above that of the average human. Dietrich and his sister Layla were forced to flee Arcadia when the citizens, led by Sigfried (Dietrich's cousin) suddenly decided to overthrow the King after discovering his involvement in dark arts.

Dietrich is actually the reincarnation of the Snow Queen's soul which had previously been obtained by Lucifer and managed to escape, taking on a human form in order to stay hidden. The demon Mephistopheles is after his soul for this reason and has convinced Dietrich to sign a contract with him with the offer of helping him regain Arcadia. He has gradually developed feelings towards the demon though he believes it to be one-sided.

Personality: A royal brat. Tends to be pretty full of himself and can sometimes be snobby yet he is also very kind and gentle. He doesn't get scared very often. Once he has set his mind on something, he's very determined. He also refuses to admit to it...but he can be quite feminine at times.

Name: Lucian Mephistopheles
Name Meaning: Mephistopheles - name most well-known as the demon Faust sold his soul to in return for knowledge
Doll Type: Dream of Doll DOC Homme Kirill
Arrival Date: April 25, 2007
Age: Unknown, Immortal
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Likes: pure souls, Lucifer, fire, red, black, commanding people, loyal servants
Dislikes: ugly souls, disobedient servants, humans with twisted personalities, Michael, angels

Background: He was once an angel created by Lucifer. Because he was the only angel not created by The Creator he faced much discrimination from the other angels, especially Michael. After Lucifer fell, Lucian threw himself from Heaven in order to join his father and master. He then took on the name Mephistopheles and now his job is to find pure souls and make contracts with the owners of these souls in order to obtain them for Lucifer. Lucifer needs these souls in order to keep his strength. Currently Lucian is after the pure soul of Prince Dietrich and refuses to leave until he has obtained it. His feelings towards the prince are unclear though it does seem he has developed a bit of an attachment.

Personality: He tends to be very intimidating and commanding. Yet there also seems to be a kind and gentle side to him though its often hard to notice at first glance. He is loyal to Lucifer and refuses to talk about his past before the fall.

Name: Lucifer
Name Meaning: Lucifer - closest to God, fallen angel, lord of hell
Doll Type: Dream of Doll DOT Elf Ducan
Arrival Date: July 16, 2007
Age: Unknown, Immortal
Hair: White
Eyes: Red, sometimes Blue
Likes: pure souls, his "children", his brother Michael, defying The Creator, beauty
Dislikes: ugly souls, corrupted angels, humans, The Creator

Background: He was once the mighty Lucifiel, The Creator's most beloved angel, standing tall with his brothers the Archangels, especially his twin, Michael. But due to his refusal to bow down to the humans The Creator created and because of his pride, he was banished from the Heavens, used as a scapegoat to create "evil" in this world. Now Lucifer resides in his kingdom of Hell where he must rely on pure souls to keep his strength so he can continue his neverending battle with The Creator.

Personality: Despite being the lord of hell, Lucifer is actually a very kind and loving person. He loves all the demons that have joined his forces as well as all the souls he has collected. Lucifer is not the cruel being of legends. He is in constant anguish over the fact his angelic brothers betrayed him.

Name: Michael
Name Meaning: Archangel Michael
Doll Type: Dream of Doll DOT Tender Elf Sha
Arrival Date: Head: January 21, 2009; Body: summer, 2009 - Arrival in the story: July 16, 2009
Age: unknown, immortal
Hair: silver
Eyes: blue
Likes: white, nature, animals, flowers, earth, his brothers
Dislikes: evil, demons, the unjust, Lucian

Background: Michael is the twin of Lucifer. Together with their other two brothers, they ruled the Heavens until Lucifer was banished from Heaven. Now Michael serves as the highest ranking Angel under the Creator. He is the commander of the Angelic Army and wields a sword designed specifically to kill demons. Despite his feelings towards his brother, he is forced to constantly battle him.

Personality: Despite being a commander, Michael is normally very gentle. He only becomes violent when angered or because of his sense of duty towards The Creator. He can be quite naive and innocent, allowing The Creator and Raphael to manipulate him without him realizing it.

Name: Raphael
Name Meaning: Archangel Raphael
Doll Type: Dream of Doll DOT Dream '09
Arrival Date: Head: December 10, 2009; Body: December 10, 2010
Age: unknown, immortal
Hair: blonde
Eyes: green
Likes: gold, looking classy, being in control, power, his brothers
Dislikes: Lucifer, Lucian, demons, anyone who defies the Creator

Background: Raphael is the third eldest of the Archangels and while Michael technically outranks him, in reality it is Raphael who really holds the power in Heaven under the Creator. He has been plotting against Lucifer for many centuries, using his own secret service of rogue angels to do his dirty work.

Personality: Raphael is very manipulative. He is by far the cleverest of his brothers and he uses it to his advantage. He is extremely loyal to the Creator and never doubts his command. He does have a soft side but it only comes out when he's around Michael and his younger two brothers. He has never been that fond of Lucifer and harbors a deep jealousy towards him.

Name: Gabriel
Name Meaning: Archangel Gabriel
Doll Type: Dream of Doll DOC Cyma
Arrival Date: October 15, 2011
Age: unknown, immortal
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Likes: green, animals, his brothers, drawing, playing, toys, exploring
Dislikes: demons, mean people, restrictions, spiders, scary things

Background: Gabriel is the second youngest of the Archangels but is by far the smallest. He has the ability to occasionally see visions, though they don't always make sense to those around him. Because of this power and his small frame, his older brothers are extremely protective of him and do not allow him to venture outside of Heaven's Gates.

Personality: Despite his age, Gabriel acts like a young child, which may be due to his small body. He is very attached to his older brothers, especially Raphael who has always taken care of him and Uriel who is the closest in age to him. Though don't let his childish nature fool you, he knows a lot more than he lets on.

Name: Princess Layla von Arcadia
Name Meaning: Leyla in German means "little angel"
Doll Type: Dream of Doll DOC Leya
Owner: My Mom actually XP Yes, I don't own Layla! But I do play with her a lot.
Arrival Date: January 27, 2006 (technically Mom opened her a few days before though)
Age: 15
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Likes: pink, cute things, ponies
Dislikes: mean people, reminders of the past, secrets

Background: Layla is the younger sibling of the Arcadia royal household. She and Dietrich were forced to flee their home after their father was overthrown. Neither she nor Dietrich know much about this event. Because of her brother's tendency to be very protective of her, she has been kept in the dark lately about anything dealing with their home but she is starting to catch on to this fact.

Personality: She says she's plotting to take over the world, though its more of a silly little game to amuse herself with. She is very energetic and always in high spirits. She is very innocent and Dietrich wants to protect her from harm's way.
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